Database on Indigenous Knowledge & Innovations


Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Natural Resource Management

  1. Ragi Seed Treatment and Herbal Medicine for Animals - Mr. Kumar
  2. Nursery raising technique for Melia Dubia and Herbal Medicne for Animals
    - Mrs. Indra Ramanathan
  3. Herbal treatment for Blue Tongue Disease in Sheep - Mr. Ponnusamy
  4. Coconut/ Palmyra Tree Climber - Mr. D. Venkat
  5. Double channel System for Tank Irrigation - Mr. India Bharathidasan
  6. Using Bio Gas for Fumigation and Organic Farming Practices in garden land crops
    - Mr. R.Sundara Raman
  7. Organic Farmer, Innovator and Green Entrepreneur - Mr. Sadayappan
  8. Herbal Pesticide Entrepreneur - Mr. Chellamuthu
  9. Improving the Productivity in Kangayam Cattle Breed by using local knowledge - Mr. Nataraj
  10. Using Pachaikuluvai Tree for Fodder - Mr. John Victor
  11. Mulching in Cardamom and Reducing the input cost while doubling the productivity in Cardamom - Mr.Paulos
  12. Intensive Stall fed system of rearing Goats - Mr. Sridharan
  13. Cow products and Organic farming - Mr.Sakthivel
  14. New Drumstick (Moringa) Variety - Mr.Alagarsamy
  15. Innovations in Cultivation of Casuarina - Mr.G.S.Dhanapathy
  16. Breeding of Kangayam Cattle - Smt. Soundram Ramasamy
  17. Herbal Medicne for Animals - Mr. Dhanapalan
  18. Innovations in Agriculture Implements - Mr Karthikeyan
  19. Drumstick (Moringa) Propogation Technique - Mrs. Mallika
  20. Cultivating Hybrid Maize for Animal Fodder - Mrs. Poongodai
  21. Reduced seed rate in Paddy - Mr. Perumal

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