Database on Indigenous Knowledge & Innovations


Annual Report 2016-17 (1.37mb)
Annual Report 2015-16 (687k)
Annual Report 2014-15 (337k)
Livestock Keeper's Rights & Breed Saviour Award Ceremony - 2014 (26mb)
Annual Report 2012-13 (26mb)
Community Conservation of local livestock breeds
Annual Report 2011-12
Annual Report 2010-11
Bargur Lingayat Biocultural Protocol
Achievements 1992-2013

Number of innovations, traditional practiced documents8000
Number of innovators provided with Micro-credit / Venture Capital30
Amount disbursed to innovatorsRs.6 Lacs
Number of innovators awarded in Tamilnadu50
Number of practices Tested / Validated8
Number of innovations commercialised2
Number of Farmers / Women trained in Herbal Medicine for Animals and other innovations2000
Amount disbursed to Women GroupsRs.5 Crore
Number of Live Stocke Keepers recognised with "Breed Saviour Awards" for Conservation of Native Breeds84
Breeders' Association promoted5
State Level Innovators Association Promoted1
Registered Cattle Breed with NBAGR in 2012Pullikulam
Year of pastrolists grazing rights included in Forest Rights Act 2006
(in association with LIFE NGOs Network) achieved

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